Immerse yourself in Webhawk's 3D design journey for the SaaS startup, SpamBurner. Leveraging tools like Blender and Adobe After Effects, we created visually compelling content for brand design, social media, and the company's website, which truly showcased the software's robust capabilities.




Design, 3D Design

Conceiving the 3D Visual Narrative

Embarking on the project for SpamBurner, our mission was clear – create an engaging visual narrative that showcased the software's unique selling proposition – a universal fit with any website builder and an effective tool to eliminate spam from website forms.

Our team of talented designers, adept in using cutting-edge tools like Blender and Adobe After Effects, set out to visualize the software's key features through 3D design. The aim was to create dynamic, engaging, and visually appealing content that would effortlessly communicate the software's functionality and benefits.

Showcasing the Software's Versatility and Efficacy

Our design strategy was to represent the software's compatibility with various website builders using a unique 3D rendering. This ensured that prospective customers would quickly understand the adaptability of SpamBurner, regardless of their choice of website builder.

Moreover, we designed creative 3D visuals that effectively showcased the software's ability to filter out spam and neatly organize inquiries in a CRM-style inbox. This allowed viewers to envision how SpamBurner could streamline their website management and enhance their efficiency.


Our 3D design work for SpamBurner demonstrates Webhawk's ability to leverage the latest design tools to create engaging and informative visual narratives. The compelling content we produced not only amplified the brand's online presence but also provided an effective visual explanation of the software's capabilities, boosting its appeal to prospective users.