Webhawk takes center stage with an extraordinary packaging design project for Green Drain. Our innovative design solutions, tailored for six distinct product variations, have made their way onto shelves worldwide.


Insight Studio


Design, Illustration, Art

Crafting a Consistent Yet Unique Identity

When tasked with the packaging design project for Green Drain, Webhawk embraced the challenge of representing six different product variations while maintaining brand consistency. The cornerstone of our design strategy was to create a cohesive visual language that could adapt and reflect each product's unique characteristics.

For each variant, we adopted a color-coding system, providing an intuitive visual clue for customers and making it easier for them to identify the product they needed. This attention to detail not only enhanced the user experience but also bolstered Green Drain's reputation for quality and customer-centric design.

Embracing Global Recognition

The results of our innovative packaging designs have been nothing short of spectacular. The box designs, thanks to their unique visual language and intuitive approach, have resonated with consumers worldwide.

From local hardware stores to international distributors, Green Drain's distinctive packaging is now a common sight on shelves around the globe. The design, apart from providing a functional value, has also added a significant aesthetic appeal, capturing the attention of prospective customers and contributing to the brand's international popularity.

"Webhawk's ingenious inclusion of a QR code within our packaging significantly drove traffic to our website. Their strategic thinking continues to deliver substantial results." - Green Drain Team


With this project, Webhawk has once again demonstrated our ability to blend creativity, functionality, and brand identity into a harmonious design. The success of the Green Drain packaging design is a testament to our commitment to delivering solutions that resonate with clients and their customers alike, regardless of the scale or geographic reach of the project.